Andrew Ministry Cookbook

Have you ever wondered why 'church food' is always so good? It's because we have some of the best cooks in the city!

The Andrew Ministry is coordinating an effort to create an LHMBC Cookbook. During this season of 'Shelter in Place' we all have been cooking lots more and are looking for new and exciting dishes. This is where you come in. It would be excitingly delicious to contribute your favorite recipe to the LHMBC Cookbook. Please submit one or more of your favorite recipes. Once we have all your recipes, we will publish the recipes to our congregation. Feel free to share all types of recipes form your family repertoire such as appetizers, main course dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes, desserts, and more.

We are asking that you help us create our 'Shelter in Place' cookbook. All you have to do is send us your favorite recipe(s). There are 3 ways to submit your recipe. 

  • Email: Send your recipe(s) to the Andrew Ministry mailbox at
  • Drop off: Drop off your recipe at the church near the black box offering mailbox.
  • Mail: to the church office clearly marked ANDREW MINISTRY/LHMBC COOKBOOK
We will be collecting recipes from Sunday 5/24 to Sunday 6/21.

This is a great way to preserve your recipes and make everlasting memories.

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