Our History

Founded in 1928 as the Second Baptist Church of Lockland. Rev. A.W. Wise was the first pastor. Two name changes since its inception. The changes are Byrd Street Baptist and Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist. There have been six pastors since A. W. Wise. Presently the church is led by our Senior Pastor Dr. Elliott Cuff.

After holding services in modest facilities the group was able to purchase property on Byrd Street where in time a new sanctuary would be built to the glory of God. The new building was started in 1930 under the leadership of A.W. Wise. In the latter part of 1930 the congregation struggled without a pastor, but were able to maintain the drive to build a house for God.

Rev. George Davis was called to the pastorate of the church in 1931and under his leadership the building was completed. At this time the name of the church was changed to Byrd Street Baptist. Rev. Davis served as pastor until his death in 1942.
Rev. Richard D. Wess was sent by the Lord to serve as pastor in April 1943. Under the administration of Dr. Wess the church enjoyed great growth and development. Under Wess' guidance the church was set on a firm financial basis. He was also responsible for the improvements of the physical structure especially in the main auditorium

The church was renamed "Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist" 1951. This was the year that the front of the building was remodeled. Rev. Wess led this project to its completion with input of physical labor. He was an expert carpenter and he was able to contribute to the remodeling effort. Rev. Wess served for 22 years. His health necessitated his retirement in the early 1960's. Rev. Wess passed away in 1967.

In October of 1965 Rev. Bennett W. Smith began to serve as pastor of LHMBC. The church was moved to greater spiritual heights under his leadership. His was also active in the great civil rights movements of the 60's Pastor Smith resigned his past at LHMBC in July 1972. Jethro F. Hill succeeded pastor Smith and kept church on a steady a stable pace through February 1978. Lloyd C. Williams of Omaha, Nebraska accepted to call to the pastorate of LHMBC in the later part of 1978 and was officially installed in March of 1979. He was very influential in installing into the congregants and the community Christian leadership. After serving for appropriately four years, Pastor Williams resigned.

After a long search for a new leader, the Lord placed Freddie T. Piphus Jr. in the position of pastor of LHMBC. A new era began under his leadership. The financial picture took on a better status. The congregation grew to approximately 1200 members.

Finally the new sanctuary was built in Woodlawn at its present location. This dream started under pastorate of B.W. Smith and God finished it under the pastorate of F.T. Piphus, Jr. Let God be praised for his faithfulness. To God be the Glory!!!

Under the leadership of F. T. Piphus, Jr. the church gained even stronger financial base. The church was able to liquidate a 15 year mortgage of 1.25 million in 7 years. This saved the church several hundred thousands of dollars.

To God Be the Glory!!! The Lord has sent us a strong leader –In 2004, the Lord answered the prayers of the Lincoln Heights family by sending  an anointed leader, Dr. Elliott Cuff.   Since his arrival, Dr. Cuff has been leading the congregation into doing things that matter most to God.  With this in mind, Dr. Cuff has been using Biblical principles as the foundation of his teaching and preaching.  This gifted preacher/pastor has been instrumental in provoking the Lincoln Heights family in doing ministry outside of this local assembly, winning souls to Christ.   Dr. Cuff has led the Lincoln Heights church in meeting the needs of Katrina victims, persons with Sickle Cell Anemia, and those needing a second lease on life.  His anointed leadership is also reflected nationally,  in Cincinnati, and in the Lincoln Heights community.

Dr. Cuff retired as Senior Pastor of Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church in February of 2020. 

Currently, Reverend Alfonza Jones, our Director of Ministries has been named Interim Pastor and leads our congregation as we wait for whom the Lord sends as our next Senior Pastor. 

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